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Portfolio- Objects

Christian FOURNIER professional photographer in Paris.  I take pictures of objects, large or small, outdoor or indoor, individually or in series, in the client's premises or in a studio.
I have a small studio at the Port Royal in the centre of Paris, not far from the Jardin du Luxembourg, small, but a marvel of technology and efficiency. Perfect for still life photography.
The high definition camera is connected to the computer. We immediately see the photos in high resolution on my two calibrated 30 inches screens. Great for fine corrections. The client can visualise the all the pictures and sees impeccably the rendering of his objects. Obviously, I rent big studios if need be.
I have a lot of very useful accessories for the presentation and shooting of objects: micrometric plate heads, transparent opaline plexiglass for lighting from below, certified Kodak colour chart, Manfrotto magic arms, special non-greasy modelling clay, reflectors surrounding a lens, elliptical cardboard serrated for blur special effects, accessories for shadows, flexible arms, small support with crocodile clips, stands to show objects in vertical, support wire to show objects like plates, clamps, polarizing filters to control reflections, blue Rosco non-flammable filter, gaffer, cotton gloves, air duster for blowing away dust objects, mirror reflector / grey chart, flexible and crocodile clip, LED light on mini-pod, nylon wires to hold objects in the air, etc. ..
Examples of my clients: Converse, Comme des Garçons, Etam, Hachette, Nike, Schweppes, Total, L'Oréal, Ober, Benfield, Maybelline, PSG, Oxbow, Lafuma, Cacharel, Thyssen, Pôle Emploi, Point de Vue, Ciel, WWF, Levis, Total, Teraillon, Polygram, Mineral Gold, Irlande, Courir, Ober, PMI, Le Nain Bleu, Maple, Fred, Bratz, Pomme de pains, etc..


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