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Portfolio- Weddings

Christian FOURNIER professional photographer in Paris.  I photograph weddings. All religions, all races, all kinds ... Also stag nights boys or girls, honeymoons, romantic portraits, etc.
I have already photographed more than 100 weddings. Here are some examples:
The wedding of Neela-Anna and Alexandre at the Paris 75009 town hall on 23April2017 and at Château de SANTENY on 28May2017
The wedding of Malin and Pierre-Antoine in Andelys on 1st August 2015
The wedding of Malin and Antoine on 13th September 2014 in Châlons, Cormontreuil and Pierry near Epernay
The wedding of Giulia and Tobias in Levallois-Perret and on the Seine river on 25th and 26 July 2014
The wedding of -Noelle and Frédéric in Knokke, Hasselt and Cognee in Belgium in March, April and June 2011
The wedding Angélique and Julien in Gif-sur-Yvette and at Golf de Marivatx on 4th June 2011
The wedding of Sophie and Stéphane in Morières-lès-Avignon and at Château La Tour Vatcros on 23rd October 2010
The wedding of Chloé and Gérald in Monte Carlo and on the yacht Christina O on 28th August 2010
The wedding of Marie Cécile and Olivier on 20th August 2010 in Buc and La Grange Bourgatlt in Andelys
The wedding of Maria and Marcus in Paris at the German Church on 4th June 2010
The wedding of Emmanuelle and Florian in Paris 75014 Bagatelle and boat the Grand Bleu on 29th May 2010
The wedding of Marianne and Helmut in Bavière, Germany on 30th oct 2009
Nathan's Bar Mitzvah at Pierre and Michèle 's home in Viloncresnes on 31st August 2008
Geneviève and James's honey moon in Paris on 12th August 2008
The wedding of Bibi and Stéphane, Townhall 75016, Andy Wahloo, The church of the Invalides, Maison d'Amérique Latine on 19th July 2008
The wedding of Jida and Maximilian in Gassin and St Tropez on 28th June 2008
The wedding of Ludivine and David in Franche-Comté on 11th August 2007
The wedding of Céline and Laurent in Honfleur on 30th September 2006
The wedding of Jasmijn and Greg in Cadarache (South of France) and in Lubéron on 9th September 2006
The wedding of Juillette and Mickael in Périgord (South of France) on 26th August 2006
Princesse Aisha of Qatar wedding dress rehearsal by Chanel haute Couture in May 2006
The wedding of Lynn and Richard in Glaslough, Ireland on 8th December 2005
The wedding of Florence and Nicola in Sicily on 5th September 2005
The wedding of Helen and David in Pandworth, England on 25th June 2005
The wedding of Hélène and Rupert in Cannes in September 2004
The wedding of Marcia and Tom en England in August 2004
The wedding of Stéphanie and Nicolas at Château de Condé on 25th April 2004
The wedding of Louiza and Frank at American Church in Paris then at George V Hotel in April 2004
The wedding of Amina and Ismael at La Mosquée de Paris in August 2003
The wedding of Valérie and Edwards in London and Paris on 6th and 12th July 2003
The wedding of Catherine and Christophe at Andelys on 11th May 2002
The wedding of Patline and Charons at Honfleur in 2001
The wedding of Dagmar and Mark in Aix-en-Provence South of France) on 3rd June 2001
The wedding of Brenda and Steve at Château Villette (of the Dan Vinci Code fame) in August 2001
The wedding of Sabine and Yannick in Normandie in September 1999


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